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Parcels Of Care

Father Ted Address Labels

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UPDATE - 7th November 09
Ive just had a mail from Afghan regarding Xmas and posting dates etc...
As you are all aware we will not be sending parcels in Dec due to the huge number of groups set up for this reason, im told one of the large charity groups will be sending huge amounts in Dec.
Our reasons behind this are to ensure that family mail gets through, this is important to us and we hope that you respect this request, a soldier is for life and not just for Xmas.
The last date for posting parcels to our contacts in Afghan will be Sat 21st Nov. I have advised our contacts we will ensure no more will be sent to them after this date. We will begin again in Jan.
If you have individual contacts you have been sending to could I ask that you check with them to make sure they are still in Afghan and more importantly they do want a parcel. If you are sending to individuals then you can still send to them, please do not put a Parcel of Care logo on these boxes as our logo is classed as a Welfare sender, they may not get sent forward in December. There are a large amount of parcels in Bastion sent to individuals that are now back in the UK (shampoo & toothbrushes not needed), these will be distributed over the Xmas period. 
Dear all,
Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting Parcels of Care – Father Ted Massive, as a group we have managed to provide a tremendous amount of support not only for the Rifles but for other regiments too.
The group has now over a 1000 members on Facebook, a large amount of members on Twitter and also members via our website.
As always if there are any regiments, RAF, Navy, TA etc that would like support please let us know their contact details.

We will be making a change to the way we have previously given out contact details due to the size of the group. As you can imagine if every member sent one parcel at the same time this would not only cause logistical problems trying to get them all out to FOB’s at the same time, it may also result in huge piles of parcels either in the UK or in Afghanistan. During the Iraq war a group were stopped from sending parcels as too many were being sent. Our aim is to get a steady trickle of parcels going through the system. There are lots of other ways you can help, writing letters, collecting donations and helping pack boxes.

We have split GB into areas and the administrators of the group have an area each. Northern Ireland, although not shown on the map at this time will be under Rhiannon's administration. Each administrator will be given a contact each month; you will need to get in contact with your area administrator once you have a parcel, letter or to make a donation. The label will be for that month only as each area will rotate so that each regiment gets different parcels. Please contact your administrator regarding the amount of parcels to be sent. If we have to restrict the numbers of parcels, please respect this as we will have been advised by our contacts there may be some issues with distributing due to various reasons. We ask that you do not hand out our labels to non members of the group, please direct them to your administrator. I know it may appear to be quite strict but we do have to respect the requests of our contacts and would not wish to have their details withdrawn, so please work with your administrator.

Please see the map below for details of who your administrator will be, you can contact them via their email address below, alternatively please send your email details to and we will forward them on to your administrator. Please bear with us as I'm sure we will all be inundated with requests and this may take some time for us to respond to everyone.

As before please work with us and if we are requested to limit parcels please respect this request.

Area 1 Shirley&Anna

Area 2 Diane -

Area 3 Wendy –

Area 4 Rhiannon -

click here to download area co-ordinators map

Support and Parcels of Care for the British Troops